SHADE Quality are often looked upon as the bases on which the manufacturer's products are judged. Styling & quality of workmanship always play the pivital role in the decision of a buyer in selecting the shade.

Does the style, color and fabric match my decor and desired feel of my room? We at
MW Shades put our best effort into the shades we manufacture - all hand designed and constructed. We pride ourself in our workmanship.

As a shade designer and manufacturer we have a pride in our work and strive to offer the best and competive price on all orders we receive. Of course the savings are higher on large orders and quantities of any order sizes are always welcome.

Whether you are looking for shades or even low priced lighting (lamps) we can provide you with styling and cost for both home and hotel rooms to meet your budget. Contact our factory for all your informative inquiries or to place your order(s).

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